UVaCollab FAQ :: List of Available Worksite Tools

The same set of tools are available for use in both collaboration and course site types. However, the capabilities to add official rosters and export final grades to SIS are only possible in course sites.

Home For viewing recent announcements, discussion, and chat items.
Announcements For posting current, time-critical information to entire site or groups within your site.
Anonymous Feedback For posting anonymous feedback to owners of a site.
Assignments For posting, submitting and grading assignment(s) online.
Blackboard Collaborate For creating and joining Blackboard Collaborate sessions.
Chat Room For real-time conversations in written form.
Clicker Registration Allow students to record their clicker number for download in CSV format.
Course Evaluations Access UVa's online Course Evaluations system in My Workspace to submit evaluations and view results.
Discussion and Private Messages For participating in discussions and communicating privately with site members.
Drop Box For private file sharing between instructor and student.
Forums For participating in discussions.
Gradebook For storing and computing assessment grades from Tests & Quizzes or that are manually entered.
i>clicker Sakai i>clicker Plugin - integrates Sakai and i>clicker products.
iTunes U For uploading and sharing podcasts of lectures or other content.
Kaltura Media Gallery For creating a media gallery using uploaded video, audio, and image content.
Lessons For creating learning modules of content and activities structured for delivery to students.
Messages For sending messages to individuals, ad hoc groups, groups by role, and all participants.
News For viewing content from online sources.
NowComment A 3rd-party online document annotation and discussion service. Another integration brought to UVaCollab by SHANTI.
  Panopto (LTI) 3rd-party tool for viewing recorded lecture captures via UVaCollab sites.
  Piazza (LTI) 3rd-party tool for online discussions.
Polls For anonymous polls or voting.
Post'Em For uploading .csv formatted file to display feedback (e.g., comments, grades) to site participants.
Resources For posting documents, URLs to other websites, etc.
Roster For viewing the list of site participants by roster/group and viewing/printing official student photos.
Schedule For posting and viewing deadlines, events, etc.
Sign-up For publishing meetings and other events.
Site Email For viewing email sent to the site.
Site Info For site management activities.
Syllabus For posting a summary outline and/or requirements for a course both in SIS and in the site.
Tests & Quizzes For creating and taking online tests and quizzes.
Web Content For linking to and accessing an external website within the site.
Wiki For collaborative editing of pages and content.
Wiki (Confluence) A robust wiki for collaborative editing of pages and content brought to you by SHANTI and integrated into UVaCollab.
WordPress (beta) For easy creation of blogs and web sites using SHANTI Wordpress.
Help For instructions on using tools.

For questions or assistance, contact collab-support@virginia.edu.

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