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[08/23/13] Firefox (and Google Chrome) Blocking Mixed Content

Description: Those using Firefox may have problems accessing non-SSL (http) Web content embedded in UVaCollab sites. This problem will be evident as a blank screen such as Syllabus redirects, embedded YouTube videos, WordPress content, external non-SSL Web sites linked via Web Content, etc., because Mixed Content Blocking is now enabled by default in Firefox.

This configuration is also evident in newer versions of the Google Chrome browser (which is currently unsupported for use in UVaCollab).


Mixed Content Protection Shield icon

Temporary Workaround: To retain the protection that this new configuration provides, you can temporarily disable it in order to view non-SSL content embedded in your UVaCollab sites (as described above). This workaround must be done on each new page with mixed content and in each new session to previously visited mixed content pages.

To temporarily disable the mixed content protection in Firefox, click the shield icon to the left of the browser's URL field as shown in this screenshot (a similar icon appears at the far-right of the URL field in Google Chrome):

Persistent Workaround: It is possible to persistently disable this configuration in Firefox for all Web pages that have mixed content, but be aware that this option can introduce a security risk on untrusted Web sites.

To disable this configuration in Firefox, you must:

  1. Enter about:config into the Firefox URL field.
  2. Find the security.mixed_content.block_active_content in the list of configurations settings.
  3. Double-click the security.mixed_content.block_active_content setting to toggle it to false.
  4. Navigate to your UVaCollab site to verify that your non-SSL content is displaying properly.

Refer to this article for full details about this new default configuration in Firefox 23.

[08/17/13] Mac OS 10.8.4 Blackboard Collaborate Launcher Requires Safari or Chrome to Download/Install

Description: The Blackboard Collaborate Launcher is a new utility that provides a convenient and reliable way for Mac OS 10.8.4 and later users to join Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing sessions. The download/installation process will fail if using the Firefox browser!

Workaround: You must use Safari or Chrome as your browser to successfully download and install the Launcher. Once the Launcher is installed, you may use Firefox to open Blackboard Collaborate sessions using the Launcher application.

Info/Support: Refer to the vendor's Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installation instructions for more details.

Resolved Issues

[01/24/14] Resolved: Incompatibility Issues with Internet Explorer 11

Description: Two major incompatibility issues have been found in the UVaCollab editor when using the recent release of Internet Explorer 11:

  1. The inability to insert links into the editor using the Resources Browser, and
  2. The inability to paste content from the clipboard into the editor.

Workaround: Use Firefox until a fix can be identified and applied.

[11/08/13] Kaltura Media Gallery Exhibiting Slowness

[11/11/13] Resolved: Performance issues on Kaltura's servers have been resolved.

Description: Due to maintenance work on Kaltura's data center, they are currently experiencing some slowness in their services. UVaCollab users may experience this as slowness while uploading files in the Kaltura Media Gallery tool or even failures to upload or load files.

For information about the current state of Kaltura's compenents, please refer to http://corp.kaltura.com/content/kaltura-system-status.

[08/26/13] Intermittent Access Problems to Blackboard Collaborate Sessions

[Aug 26, 2013 | 21:25] Resolution: The vendor reports that the issue has been stabilized. The vendor continues to actively monitor this issue and is working towards an overall preventive strategy.

Description:The Blackboard Collaborate vendor has posted an alert that they are investigating issues accessing Collaborate sessions. There may be delays connecting to sessions as well.

Workaround: If you receive an error "unable to launch application", please try again.

Info/Support: For assistance, please contact the vendor's support.

For updates on this issue, please visit:


For questions or assistance, please contact collab-support@virginia.edu.

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