The lower-case e with tilde is not declared in any of the ISO 8879 (SGML) entity sets, but it is available as a Unicode character. Therefore, it has been declared in the file uva-supp.ent as follows:


The lower-case m with tilde is not declared in any of the standard entity sets, and it is not available in Unicode. Therefore, it is necessary to create this character using the tilde from the Unicode combining diacritics, which is Unicode code point 303. This entity can be declared in the document's internal subset as follows:

<!ENTITY mtilde "m&#x0303;"> <!-- No Unicode equivalent. Using "m" with combining tilde. -->

In the markup, these entities can then be used like so:

<p>Cong<sup>s</sup> have letters from Mr. Laurens of the 17th <lb/>
June but they decide nothing as to the definitive <lb/>
Treaty. We have no reason, how&etilde;r, to impute the <lb/>
delay to any cause which renders the event suspicious. <lb/>
It is said that the British Councils grow more &amp; more <lb/>
wary on the subject of a Co&mtilde;er<sup>l</sup> Treaty with the U. <lb/>
S. and that the spirit of the Navigation act is likely <lb/>
to prevail over a more liberal system.</p>