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<head>The Original Journals of Captains Meriwether <lb/>
Lewis and William Clark</head>
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<head><i>THE JOURNALS PROPER</i></head>
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<head><i>The</i> ORIGINAL JOURNALS OF <lb/>  <!-- this is a divisional title -->
<head type="main"><smcap>Chapter</smcap> I</head>
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<head type="sub"><i>FROM RIVER DUBOIS TO THE PLATTE</i></head>
<head type="desc">Clark's Journal and Orders, January 30&ndash;July 22, 1804 <lb/>
Entries and Orders by Lewis, February 20, March 3, May 15, 20, 26, and July 8, 12</head>
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<head><hi rend="left">[Clark]</hi></head>
<p>CAPT<sup>S</sup>. LEWIS &amp; CLARK wintered at the enterance <lb/>
of a Small river opposit the Mouth of Missouri <lb/>
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