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Glenn Kessler's professional experience spans higher education, information technology consulting, and business and technology management. As an Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Assistant Dean of the College at the University of Virginia, his exceptional commitment to teaching and the University community were recognized through the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award. He received a M.A. in Philosophy from McGill University and a Ph.D. in Logic from Princeton University. More recently he was Associate Director and Assistant Professor in BIS Adult Degree Program at the University of Virginia. His publications span the areas of modal logic, philosophy of mathematics, psychology and technology project management.

Glenn is a founding partner and of Align Virtual Learning Solutions ( He has over 30 years of experience in higher education and information technology. Glenn's academic experience includes teaching (both online and face to face), advising and academic program development. Glenn served as the VP Emerging Technology of the RIA Group, a unit of the Thomson Corporation, and VP for Electronic Product Development for several Reed Elsevier companies including Reed Reference Publishing and Butterworth US.

Glenn currently resides in Maine and works as a virtual learning consultant in addition to his duties as an Adjunct Professor with the UVa BIS program and the University of Maine.

A brief introduction to Minds, Machines and Human Nature

A brief introduction to Why Do We Believe the Things We Do?

Blended/Online Learning

As Associate Director, Programs with the UVA adult degree program Mr. Kessler coordinated the BIS Blended Learning Program to help faculty understand and incorporate e-learning technologies into their courses. For more information about thevalue of a blended approach to learning and BIS's approach to it see the BIS Blended Learning Project website.

BIS Courses

Coming soon (in the Spring of 2016): Forms of Reasoning

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