• Hoo Knew? Tips for Student Success in UVaCollab

    Tips for Working in Forums

    When working in the Forums tool, having only one browser window or tab open to UVaCollab and using the built-in navigation will help ensure that your messages are posted successfully.

    You can find more tips for working in Forums in our Help articles, including how to navigate forums and topics, post to forums, reply to a forum post, and watch or subscribe to forumsDon't forget - you can click the Forums link (Refresh Tool) at the top of the screen to cancel any current action and return to the main screen of the tool.  But, be careful - any unsaved work will be lost when you click Forums!

    Do You Have a Tip or Question?

    Submit your tips or ask a question for an upcoming Hoo Knew? announcement! Look for weekly Hoo Knew? updates every Tuesday.

    Need Help?

    Contact collab-support@virginia.edu for personal assistance with your question or issue, or check out the online Help - it's chock full of how-to's on just about everything in UVaCollab. Also see Hoo Knew? featured links to Help articles.

  • UVACollab Upgrade is Live!

    The UVACollab upgrade to Sakai 11 is now live! You'll enjoy functional and user interface improvements such as:

    • A new responsive design optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile screens
    • Tracking options in Lessons (Checklist) and Tests & Quizzes (Progress Box) for students
    • New page layout and design options in Lessons
    • And much more!

    See these and more upgrade highlights on the New Features page and let us know what you think! #theupgradeishere