Syllabus for Roster(s):

  • 16F COLA 1500-070 (CGAS)
In the UVaCollab course site:   16F COLA 1500-070 (CGAS)

Course Description (for SIS)

This class will examine leadership from a relational, psychological, and personal perspective.  While we will review some of the scholarly literature on leadership styles and frameworks, this course will primarily be a personal-growth experience for emerging student leaders.  The hoped-for outcomes for each student will be: 1) greater self-understanding of one’s approach to personal influence and leadership, and 2) greater understanding of how to develop resilience in subsequent years as one develops into a student leader at UVA. (and beyond).  Self-reflection is central to the class experience.  Active participation and sharing out of one’s reactions to class assignments/experiences is expected.