Syllabus for Roster(s):

  • 13F COLA 1500-019 (CGAS)
In the UVaCollab course site:   13F COLA 1500-019 (CGAS)

Course Description (for SIS)

Salem Witch Trials: Examination of the Evidence

Each class will begin with a 10 - 15 minute open forum to discuss advising questions about academic matters or anything else that comes up. There will be occasional presentations by the Writing Center, Career Services Center, and the Center for Academic Excellence.  The main portion of the class period will be devoted to the study of the records of the Salem witch trials and discussion of chapters in Norton’s In the Devil’s Snare, currently the best book on the subject and also a model of scholarly research.  Students will write occasional one-page (single spaced) assignments examining the court records which are all online at the UVA “Salem Witch Trials Documentary Archive”