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  • 13F COLA 1500-038 (CGAS)
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Course Description (for SIS)

Globalization and Higher Education (Yours)
COLA 1500 College Advising Seminar, Section 38
Dudley Doane, Director
International, Summer and Special Academic Programs

The mobility of scholars, competition for resources, and debates about curriculum and modes of delivery are not new. Scholars traveled long distances to study at Takshashila (South Asia) as early as the 5th century BCE; in his search for talented instructors, Jefferson looked to Europe; and arguments about the value of the practical over the theoretical date back to the ancients. Correspondence courses were the MOOCs of the early 1900's.But globalization in the late 20th and early 21st centuries has yielded unprecedented levels of mobility and an intense competition for resources and status. New technologies and changing expectations of the many stakeholders in higher education have seemingly upped the ante in discussions about curricula and pedagogy. Leaders from the public and private sectors regularly pronounce that higher education is not just a means to gain middle-class security but rather a requirement for survival in the global economy and that a “global education” is critical. What does this mean for you? We will consider the globalization of higher education, examine definitions of “global education” and consider global education at UVa. As we do this, we will also address advising, selection of courses and a major, academic and student life resources and navigating life at the University.  Each week we will address advising-related concerns, and we will also meet one-on-one prior to spring semester course registration.