Syllabus for Roster(s):

  • 16F COLA 1500-003 (CGAS)
In the UVaCollab course site:   GW as Figure and Symbol

Course Description (for SIS)

The United States emerged as a nation on the global stage during the early nineteenth century while contending with social divisions, political antagonisms, technological advances, settlement shifts, economic upheavals, and identity uncertainties.  To give coherence to the study of this period, this class will focus on George Washington as historical figure and symbol in the realms of memory and commemoration, political organization, antislavery protests, civil religion, and education.  Besides contemporary books, primary sources considered in the class include eulogies, newspaper accounts, subscription lists, periodical literature, images, and ephemera.  The goal is a more tangible and nuanced understanding of complexities during decades that appear rather plain or simple at first glance.  Learning how to develop contexts, evaluate evidence, and craft arguments or analyses, both orally and in writing, are principal concerns over the course of this class.  Such skills will enhance all aspects of your academic experience and transfer into the working world.