Syllabus for Roster(s):

  • 21F CS 3501-001 (ENGR)
  • 21F ECE 3501-002 (ENGR)
In the UVaCollab course site:   21F EAR1 EmbeddedComputingRobotics

Course Description (for SIS)

CS/ECE 3501 Fall 2021

Embedded Computing & Robotics I

In Person Class !!!   Hooray!!!

Prerequisites: CS 111x and DLD (or equivalent)


What is this new embedded computing and robotics course I’ve been hearing about?

An embedded computer is the “brain” that makes a “smart system” smart.    ECE is developing two new courses in embedded computing & robotics that will use the TI Robotic Systems Learning Kit as a hardware platform.    The new course sequence will cover topics in embedded computing with a focus on robotics and are independent of the FUN sequence, so they can be started earlier in the program.  The prerequisites to the new sequence are CS 111x and DLD (Digital Logic Design, ECE 2330) and the classes are open to all majors.

The new course sequence was piloted in 2019-2020 with the first course (Embedded Computing and Robotics I) offered in both fall and spring and the second (Embedded Computing and Robotics II) offered in the spring.   The hope is to offer both classes each semester after that.   Each class will include extensive in-class hands-on material.

Can you show me some interesting things we'll do with the robot?

Sure, here is a final video from spring 2021.    And here is another.

Do I have to pay for the kit?

No.  We have received funds from the extra tuition that engineering school students pay to buy 100 kits and TI has donated a dozen more.   These kits will be used by both the 3501 and 3502 classes.  You will borrow a kit from us and will return it at the semester end.   You will be responsible for damage or lost parts.   

What if I am a CpE or EE major?   Can I take the new sequence of classes? 

If you are a CpE or EE major and have not taken ECE 3430, you can take the two new embedded/robotics courses instead of ECE 3430.   The first course (ECE 3501) counts as a CS/ECE elective.  The second course (ECE 3502) replaces ECE 3430.

Will ECE 3430 be phased out?

The new sequence, if successful, will eventually replace ECE 3430, but not until changes are approved.   If you are worried about scheduling classes and meeting requirements, talk to Prof Dugan or Prof DeLong so that we can avoid disrupting your academic progress.