Sakya Pandita Intercedes With Godan

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Sakya Pandita intercedes with Godan

Sakya Pandita, monk of the K’ön lineage whose specialty was logic and perception theory. He was an extensive writer and would often criticize the Nyingmapa and Kagyüdpa in his works. In 1247 when the Mongolians threatened Tibet with invasion, Sakya Pandita was sent to intercede with Godan, the Mongol prince. Godan was a grandson of Chenggis Kahn. Since Tibet at the time was ruled by localities monastic ‘hegemonies’, and some secularly powerful families. Sakya Pandita offered Godan overlordship not only of his monastic ‘hegemonies’ but also over all of Tibet. Sakya Pandita wrote a letter in defense of his action by claiming any resistance would be futile, and noted the good impression he and his two nephews had made on Kahn. This is believed to be the establishment of the role of the lama/patron relationship in Tibet and established the Sakyapa as the first religious rulers over Tibet.