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ATTU Tibetan Font Converter: How to convert legacy Tibetan documents to Tibetan Unicode using ATTU Tibetan Font Converter

Contributor(s): THL Staff.

Attu converts Tibetan text from older ANSI style fonts to Unicode. The program does not convert from Unicode back to non-Unicode. The program runs on .rtf files.


Download the program for local use on your computer at external link:


Attu recognizes about 20 Tibetan or Bhutanese typefaces from five different font families. You do not need to have the original font or chosen Unicode font installed. This allows you to convert very old documents where the font is no longer available. However, having the fonts installed allows you to check the accuracy of the conversion. The converter covers these 22 legacy Tibetan or Dzongkha fonts:


  1. Monlam ouchan 1
  2. Monlam ouchan 2
  3. Monlam ouchan 3
  4. Monlam ouchan 4
  5. Monlam yigchong

Nitartha International (Sambhota)

  1. Dedris
  2. Drutsa
  3. Ededris
  4. Khamdris
  5. Sama

Tibetan Computer Company (TCC)

  1. TibetanMachine
  2. TibetanChogyal
  3. TibetanClassic
  4. TibetanCalligraphic
  5. DzongkhaCalligraphic

Tibetan Computing Resource Center (TCRC)

  1. TCRC Bod-Yig
  2. TCRC Youtso
  3. TCRC Youtsoweb

Tibetan Library of Works and Arts (TLWA)

  1. TB-Youtso
  2. TB-TTYoutso
  3. TB2-Youtso
  4. TB2-TTYoutso

We have not assessed these routines, and welcome user feedback.

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