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THL's Online Tibetan Phonetics Converter

This is an online service to be found at: external link:

It is the THL endorsed way to generate easy to pronounce romanized transcriptions of Tibetan. It uses THL's own "external link: THL Simplified Phonetic Transcription of Standard Tibetan" system, which aims to create simplified romanized forms of Tibetan words that people can easily pronounce.

Instructions for Use

Paste your Tibetan text into the box in Unicode or Wylie, and click "Make Phonetics" or press Ctrl+Enter.

The are two settings that you can also adjust

Firstly you can specify word splitting. Tibetan language does not mark word boundaries, but rather only separates syllables. However, in popular romanized form, typically people prefer to have the syllables combined in meaningful ways into words. Thus "Tendzin Gyamtso", instead of ten dzin gya tso. In addition, there are certain changes in romanization that depend on which syllables go together. Hence treating the syllables separately yields gya tso, but when it is specified that the two syllables are part of one word, you get gyamtso.

Thus the program offers four ways to handle this problem:

Please note that the last two options only work with romanized input, and do not work with Tibetan script. We are trying to figure out a method to address this limitation.

Secondly you can specify the type of transcription system you want to use in creating the output. This option is referred to as "Phonemic system." The choices are:


It was created by Roger Espel Llima and originally published at external link:

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library