Troubleshooting Problems With Tibetan Unicode

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Troubleshooting Problems with Tibetan Unicode

We welcome inquiries and reports concerning the use of Tibetan Unicode fonts - with fonts, keyboards, applications, or anything whatsoever. Please write us at THDL (add the AT sign, and then to get the email address). However, without details, it may be impossible to address specific problems. Thus if it is a specific problem, please specify:

  • which OS, which service pack, which language version?
  • if using Windows which version of Uniscribe (usp10.dll) are you using? (Right click on file name and select "Properties" to find out.)
  • did you update Uniscribe universally at the system level, or did you copy the Uniscribe (usp10.dll) file into the appication folder?
  • does the same thing happen with the various OpenType Unicode Tibetan fonts?
  • what software are you using, and what version?
  • have you tried any other computers or printers?
  • any other details, screenshots

The first step would be for us to try and replicate your issue on own computers.

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