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Browser Support for THL Apps

Contributor(s): David Germano.

The following are the browsers and version numbers that we try to support in THL apps and web pages:

  • external link: Chrome: Mac - current version; Windows - current version,
  • external link: Firefox: Mac - versions 2, 3; Window - versions 2, 3.
  • external link: Internet Explorer: Windows - versions 6, 7, 8
  • external link: Safari: Mac - versions 3, 4; Windows - versions4.

external link: June 1, 2010 Report We need to pay special attention now that IE-8 is gaining ground, scoring about 30% of market share!

For testing and performance issues, see Web-site Testing and Performance Software.

Related references for IE variations that include IE-8

  • Smashing Magazine

external link:

  • IE8 JavaScript Bug:

Heads up ROR programmers, one for you perhaps though I'm not sure of the validity of the info on Estelle's blog…or if it relates to much of anything on THL. "Apparently IE8 doesn’t much care for prototype and prototip. I think it’s an issue with className that causes IE8 to choke. In the meantime, if you are using Ruby on Rails, then you’re probably using prototype.js. And, if you’re using prototype.js, then IE8 chokes, so you have to use the meta tag. And, if you use the <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=7" /> tag, make sure it’s the FIRST thing on your page, because IE8 suck ass, just like IE7 and IE6." external link:

Lastly, Any browser sniffers in THL javascript that may that need to include IE-8…?

And on the horizon, IE filters in the templates will have to be updated to include 'IE-9' perhaps starting late 2011…

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