Creating A Thdl Page With All Wiki Content

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Creating a THL Template with All Wiki-Content

When you want to create a THL page that is a separate PHP file but with completely wiki-based content except for the side-column, a slightly different approach is necessary than that used by the teaser boxes. This is often necessary for pages that represent a tab in the nav bar. For the tab to be properly highlighted, the body tag of the page needs to have a class value set to the same class value as the highlighted tab. Thus, the collections home page has a body tag of:

When the text in the central main div is to be imported from a wiki, do the following:

The Javascript will read the <a> tag's href and make the wiki call as usually is done by adding a hash #wiki=/access/.... to the URL.

Example Code

The example code is from external link:

<!-- begin content -->
<div id="content">
<div class="shell-1 wikibody">
  <a href="/access/wiki/site/c06fa8cf-c49c-4ebc-007f-482de5382105/tibetan%20historical%20dictionary%20editorial%20manual.html" 
    class="wiki" ></a>
</div><!-- end content -->

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library