Preparing Image Data In A Spreadsheet

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Preparing Image Data in a Spreadsheet

Contributor(s): Andres Montano, Steven Weinberger

There is set of standard column headers (similar to Places Dictionary) for spreadsheet to import captions and other metadata. For descriptions of the fields, see Cataloging Photographs in THL MMS through Online Interface

  1. workflows.original_filename: the name of the file as THL received it. This can be used to associate a caption with an image so you can work on captions before the images have been imported into MMS
  2. this is the MMS id that is generated when the images are imported into the MMS
  3. workflows.original_medium_id, workflows.other_id, workflows.sequence_order, workflows.notes
  4. media.photographer: name of the photographer
  5. media.taken_on: the date the photo was taken, in format dd/mm/yyyy. This should be automatically imported when the image is imported, unless the image predates digital cameras.
  6. media.recording_note, media.private_note, recording_orientations.title
  7. locations.feature_id: this is the Place Dictionary ID of the feature the image is associated with
  8. geo_code_types.code, features.geo_code, locations.notes, locations.spot_feature
  9. captions.title
  10. collections.title
  11. descriptions.title, descriptions.creator
  12. keywords.title
  13. sources.title, media_source_associations.shot_number
  14. capture_device_makers.title: the manufacturer of the camera, such as Canon or Nikon
  15. capture_device_models.title: the model of the camera, such as AE-1
  16. fields for the creation of the content that the photograph is of (for example, a photo of a painting or of a statue, etc): name of the creator of the content (for example, the name of the artist who painted the painting that the photo is of): contents.creator.fullname; the date the person created the content (for example the date the artist painted the painting, or the year an architect constructed a building, etc): contents.created_on; and the place of creation: contents.location.feature_id

original_medium_id is the id used in previous image cataloging system; other_id is like the bellezza image id

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