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Documentation of XML Markup in THL

This page is the XML markup manual for THL. It addresses the specific uses of XML for essays and catalog records within THL, after they have been converted from their initial entry forms. At present, the documentation is in development with this page serving as a repository for issues as they come up.

The DTD for this THL XML Markup comes in two forms:

  1. external link: xtib3.dtd: The original version of the DTD used for essays
  2. external link: xtibbibl3.dtd: Slightly modified version of DTD without language definitions that allows one to validate stand-alone catalog records (<tibbibl>).

These DTDs are TEI-based and were created using an on-line TEI-based DTD creator (external link: TEI PizzaChef or external link: Roma) and THL specific add-in. Only the uses of the markup specific to THL are mentioned here. Other uses of the markup not documented here may be found in the external link: TEI P4 Documentation. (The external link: List of Elements is particularly helpful.)

There follows two sections listing THL XML Markup Issues which describes markup issues and THL XML Tag Library which links the tags, or elements, by their name to the relevant issues in the first list.

THL XML Markup

The following alphabetical list links to pages describing various aspects of XML markup in THL using the xtib3.dtd or the xtibbibl3.dtd. Not all elements available through the DTD are listed here. For that, see the TEI List of Elements. These pages describe markup issue particular to the use of the elements and attributes within the THL system. Both issues related to cataloging and digital text or essay markup are included here:

THL XML Tag Library

The following list links the various elements and attributes used in THL markup to the issues above. They are arranged here in alphabetical order by tag name (attributes are followed by “(a)” to differentiate them from elements):

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library