Formatting External Hard Drives

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Purchasing and Formatting External Hard Drives for Access by Both Mac and Windows

Contributor(s): Bob Campbell, Steven Weinberger

Type of External Hard Drive to Use

As of December 2009, THL is using G-Technology, Inc. external hard drives. Purchase these from GovConnection (or CDW-Gov) with an LPO through Mick Watson.

Information to order from GovConnection:
2TB G-Raid Gen 4 Storage hard drive
G-Technology, Inc.
Item #: 10356351
Mfr #: GR42000

Formatting External Hard Drives

Always format external hard drives in NTFS format. Windows reads and writes to this natively. Mac OS X reads and writes to it by installing the following free software: external link:

If you have questions about this software for Mac, see the following page: external link:

You can also consult external link:

Arin Bennett, manager of the Digital Media Lab, also suggested this method Jan 2010, but we would have to check to see 1) if a Mac could read the NTFS section of the hard drive and 2) if a Windows machine could read the FAT32 section:

You could partition the free space on your NTFS harddrive as FAT32 which would allow you to save your processed images and read/write on both PC and Mac. That is, you read the images off the NTFS partition and write the new images to the FAT32 volume.

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