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Created in 2000, TibetBT is a subset of the typeface created by the “Founder” typefoundry in Peking.“BT” stands for“baiti” (“regular”). It is used primarily in the People's Rebublic of China. The encoding scheme utilizes Unicode code-points. However, the set of Tibetan glyphs in this font is mapped to the “Simplified Chinese” code page and not the Tibetan. It is therefore considered a legacy and not a Unicode font. (Note: TIBBT is also a subset of the “Founder” typeface, but it uses a completely different encoding scheme.)


  • Platform: Windows
  • Number of Files: 1
  • Number of Glyphs: +4580
  • Format: True Type
  • Styles: Normal
  • Font Editor:
  • Encoding: Legacy
  • Copyright:
  • License:
  • Availability: Public Domain
  • Designer & Creator: GANSUTONGYUAN Corporation
  • Year Created: 2000


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