Kham Admin Units List

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Explore the Administrative Units of Kham

Below is a list of the political administrative units in contemporary China that are culturally part of the eastern Tibetan area known as Kham. This interactive list displays the name of the administrative unit in phonetic transcription and Extended Wylie transliteration; the type of administrative unit it is; the location of the unit within the current administrative structure; and links to resources related to that administrative unit, including its location on an interactive map and any descriptive essays of that administrative unit. All places are linked to the entry for that place in the external link: THL Place Dictionary. Clicking on a column header will sort the table according to that column in ascending alphabetical order. The “filter” box above the list allows the user to enter key terms by which to interactively filter the results shown in the table. Only entries that contain the specific word or syllable entered will appear in the table.

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