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Blogs on Tibet and the Himalayas

“Blog” is short for “web-log.” Blogs emerged with new software programs that allow participants to easily post Web pages (or “blogs”) without technical knowledge or support services. Their popularity can be summed up in terms of their capacity for complete personalization, easy self-publication and the reception of reader input in the form of comments. Blogs can be about anything and in any format, and represent an alternative venue for scholarly publication, as well as a tool that can be used within classrooms. For further information on blogging and how to do it, please see THL Toolbox > Blogging.

We are working on a full list of blogs with a Tibetan/Himalayan focus – just contact us and we will list any new ones here with a short description. We just need the name, URL, language, and a short description of its content and significance (between one line and one paragraph).

English-Language Blogs

external link: is an evolving weblog featuring regular commentary on various aspects of the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Presented in the form of notes and musings on Jonang history, zhentong philosophical thinking, the Kālachakra, tantric Buddhist art and practice, Tibetan literature, and contemporary issues that concern the Jonangpa. Hosted by Jonang Foundation.

external link: The Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Blog: Blog of the Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center, featuring posts on issues related to findings in Tibetan Buddhist literature. By Gene Smith and the TBRC staff.

external link: Tibeto-logic: scholarly series of musings on Tibetological topics by the well-known historian Dan Martin.

Tibetan Language Blogs on Tibet Consulted by Tibetans

external link: Tibetan Blog: this is a thriving site with many different bloggers, and appears to partially resemble the well-known American social networking sites MySpace and FaceBook. The blogs’ content is wide ranging, and includes Tibetan Literature, Comments on News (politics), Tibet Society, Religion, Culture, School Life, Art, and Education. Unfortunately, to see Tibetan they are using a non-Unicode Tibetan font which must be installed on your computer. We will soon document how to obtain this font. The site’s navigation and contents are indicated on the top horizontal banner with ten categories:

  • bdun shog: home page.
  • nang ’jug: login.
  • tho ’god: registration.
  • par ris: pictures.
  • zin tho: the blogs.
  • zin bris: the blogs.
  • mkhan po: people, i.e., the individual bloggers.
  • legs shos: the most popular.
  • shog byang: what does this mean?
  • tshogs pa: groups.

external link: Chömé Blog: literally named “Offering Lamp,” it focuses on Tibetan literature, comments on news (politics), Tibetan society, religion, culture, school lives, art, education, comments, and opinion.

Chinese-Language Blogs on Tibet Consulted by Tibetans

external link: Tibetan Culture Blog: focuses on Tibetan news, literature, religion, tourism, education, conservation, folk culture, Tibetan culture, art, charity works, music, Movies, and so on.

external link: Tibet Geographic Society Blog: a blog run by the magazine “Tibet Geographic Society,” it focuses primarily on the Tibetan environment, culture, and tourism.

external link: Tibet Blog: based on Tibetan Information Center Portal, an official web portal sponsored by the Chinese Government’s Department of United Front, the blogs posted cover Tibetan literature, politics, education, culture, art, conservation, and media.

Qinghai Lake Blog: named after the Qinghai Lake in Amdo, the blogs posted here cover Tibetan news, literature, religion, tourism, education, conservation, folk culture, Tibetan culture, art, charity works, music, movies, and so on.

Gesar BBS: a free platform to register blogs, popular among Amdo Tibetans.

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library