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The Garden of All Joy. A translation of ‘Jam mgon kong sprul mtha’ yas’s Lus mchod sbyin gyi zin bris mdor bsdus kun dga’i skyed tshal. Translated by Lama Lodo Rinpoche (1993). KDK Publications. This provides a 19th century detailed account of the practice of gcod, including Tibetan text and translation.

Ellingson, Ter and Rinjing Dorje (1979). “Exploration on the Secret gCod Da ma ru”. In Asian Music 10/2, pp. 6-91. On musical instruments used in the gcod rites.

Gyatso, Janet. “The Development of the Gcod tradition”. In Aziz and Kapstein, eds., Soundings in Tibetan Civilization, pp. 320-341. Delhi: Manohar, 1985.

Azzato, Michael Andrew (1981). “Mother of Tibetan Buddhism: An Introduction to the Life and Teaching of Ma-cig lab-kyi sgron-ma”. A Masters thesis at the University of Washington.

Edou, Jerome (1996). Machig Labdrön and the Foundations of Chöd. 119-170 (the translation of her biography)

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