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Annotated Thematic Bibliography from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

This project involves making a thematic bibliography with annotations. In other words, you choose a specific theme - Gender in Tibet, Mahamudrā, Ethics, etc. - and make a bibliography of scholarly resources on this theme. Such resources include books, articles, and Websites. The bibliography should also have an internal structure so that it isn't just one sprawling list of resources. Each internal section should be titled and carefully planned so that the sections themselves provide useful organizational assistance to the reader in thinking about this topic and how people have written on it. In addition, it is useful to provide short summaries of each section in terms of what it concerns and the state of research/available resources on it. Finally, for important resources, please add short annotations providing a summary. In doing summaries, check Amazon, publisher sites, and so forth for useful summaries to use as a starting point.

When you decide on a topical subject, contact the Instructor to see if s/he has an available bibliography not yet posted that you can use as a starting point. Regardless of whether you are doing the work from scratch or modifying an extant bibliography, you should use electronic databases to find as much information as you can about resources for that topic.

All bibliographies should be registered in THDL Bibliographies /site/881b357c-7a1a-49ce-80b5-009e07d50d63/home as a WIKI page category. See the Bon Bibliography in its WIKI for a model of how to do it.

It should start with a h2 that is the “Overview of Subject” which provides a straightforward description of just what the theme to which this bibliography is devoted.

There should be a second h2 that says “State of Scholarship” which provides an analysis of the bibliography’s content in terms of when it was written, who is writing it (discipline, nationality, etc.), which authors are most important, how full or scattered the coverage seems to be, etc. Consider also in this regards why do you think these things are as they are – why is this mostly anthropologists, or North Americans talking about this topic? ETc.

Then the third section says “Bibliography” and gives the actual bibliographies. Please give as many annotations as possible here, drawing from your own detailed reading, or your own quick scanning, or online summaries from Amazon, Virgo, etc. If you have short summary no more than a paragraph, insert it after the bibliography entry. If you have a longer, critical assessment, make a bullet (*) below the bibliographical record, and make a new WIKI page called "Author Last Name-Abbreviated Title-Review", keeping the WIKI page name as short as possible. Title the WIKI page itself "A Review of John Doe's "A Litany of Errors" by Jane Smith (MM-DD-YYYY). Also when possible divide the sources into thematically linked groups of sources, and given each section its own titled h3. When possible try to include page amounts for books; of course you need to specify pagination of start and stop for journal articles.

For important works, you should also use online databases to find reviews, and then list those reviews in a bulleted list under the bibliographical entry in question.

Examples: Thematic Bibliographies