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Jane Doe Seminar Assignments

Guidelines to be followed to the letter.

  • Each header should be in EXACTLY the format given below - Week #, parenthetical date, colon, type of assignment, dash, specifics on what you are doing for the assignment.
  • Do NOT hyperlink headers to anything.
  • Status of assignment: not posted, in process, draft completion, final.
  • View here: Name of wiki page


  • View here: see Timeline (makiing hyperlinked to URL or download of a Word document). Please link "View here" directly to your assignment, not to some intermediary page as many of you have.
  • Comments: here you should jot down any specifics about problems you encountered, specific things you want the reader to focus on or be aware of, etc. In the case that the assignment is part of a big global resource like the Timeline, then link to the Timeline and be very careful to note down under "Comments" just what you did.

Week 2 (1/29/2007): Timeline Assignment - Blue Annals Ch 15

Status of assignment: final.

View here: see [wiki page name]


Week 3 (2/5/2007): Summary of Blue Annals Chapter - Chapter 7