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Stefan Larsson Assignments from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

Week 11, 4/9:Organization Essay - Crazy Yogins During the Early Renaissance Period

View: Crazy Yogins During the Early Renaissance Period

Status: Finished.

Comments:The essay is a kind of first step and much more work is needed. In the future I am intending to expand upon it more carefully and analyze, not only how crazies are described by Davidson and Zhönupel, but also how they are desribed in other sources.

Week 14, 4/30:Chapter Summary - Blue Annals Chapter 13

View: Summary of Blue Annals Chapter 13

Status: almost finished

Comments:This chapter needs a lot of more work done to it. I just did some prelimiary adjustments, such as writing an overview, inserting pronounciation of Tibetan and making spelling corrections of Tibetan and English. I also found some factual mistakes that I corrected. In the future the text needs to be more analytical and the way it is written as a list should be changed into a normal text. I started to do some of that as well, but since I am not done I posted it.