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Structured Monastery Entry Guidelines from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

This involves making more detailed descriptions of given monasteries. The keystone is making paragraph long summaries of the monasteries that are intended as general, comprehensive surveys of a given monastery's history and significance. Then do a more detailed analysis of how the monastery figures into the Blue Annals. Unlike a Place or Organization Essay, you don't have to write an overall interpretative study or detailed history. In addition, make sure that the place's feature type has been entered in the Place Names Cited in the Blue Annals tables.

For details, see thdl gazetteer/Place Name Dictionary. There you will find in the File Maker Pro Gazetteer form, there is a detailed template for a structured survey of a monastery - its educational exchanges, etc. We realize you will only be able to do part of these fields for any given monastery - just do your best. You may find it easier to refer to the external link: Monasteries Manual in Word.

Do 4 Monasteries.

Link to it from the Place Name in the Place Names Cited in the Blue Annals tables as a new WIKI page.

Examples: Structured Monastery Entries