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Syllabus for Tibet Renaissance Seminar


  1. Course rubric: RELB 549
  2. Time: Mondays 630 to 9 pm
  3. Location: Cabell Hall 210
  4. Office hours: Course specific Tuesday 9pm to 10:30 pm (e-chatting hours), office houses at Halsey Hall (first floor, left hall, 2nd door from end on left) Tuesday 1-3 & by appointment
  5. Instructor: David Germano
  6. Research support: Chris Bell, Dan Haig, Steve Weinberger

Ethics, Collaboration and the New Academy

To be inserted - a background discussion of the whole intent of the way the course is set up procedurally. This will include a critique of the Academy, and suggestions for how we might create a new Academy on the basis of such a critique.

Policy Regarding Auditors

There will be no "free" auditors. Auditors are required to do 2 assignments in two different weeks - 1 assignment in 1 week - as drawn from the assignments listed in the following section. Auditors are also expected to miss no more than 2 classes, since having auditors coming and going creates a bad atmosphere overall for discussion and the seminar's integrity.


Evaluation will be expressed in WIKI pages devoted to individual students linked to from the Participants WIKI page. Students are invited to comment on each other's work therein, as well as comments made by the instructor. This means that evaluation is a collaborative effort with collaborative benefits in their production and dissemination. We also encourage the student to evaluate their own work in whatever way seems relevant.