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Dictionary Term Analysis Assignment from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

This assignment involves taking four key technical terms from The Blue Annals and studying their pattern of usage. Such a term might be a religious title, a type of religious structure, or whatever. You should first use dictionaries to ascertain the standard range of meanings of the term. If you don't know Tibetan, you can still analyze the pattern of usage and meaning from the English. In that case, meet or call Germano to get help with the Tibetan dictionary definitions.

Then you should search through The Blue Annals to analyze the pattern of usage and then make conclusions based upon that. If the term does not occur amply within The Blue Annals, then its not an appropriate term.

The final result should be each term with a clear definition that takes into account the pattern of usage in The Blue Annals , a more detailed account of the pattern of usage in The Blue Annals (including how many instances belong to each type of usage, etc.), and finally a list of the most relevant passages with paginations cited in the English translation using Roerich page numbers. Give the full passage for the most important instances, and list out page references that support different usages if that is relevant. It should be comprehensive if the instances are less than 20, but no need to be so otherwise.

Each term should be on a separate WIKI page.

For etymologies, put both the syllabic breakdown of the word, and the meaning which derives from/relates to that breakdown. Keep the etymologies separate from the definition.

Give an exhaustive list (if feasible) of Blue Annals page references for the term in question, and then provides a few exemplary quotes. Examine the broad distribution of usage. Be very explicit about whether or not these are all Blue Annals references, or if not, what criteria you used to select these. If you know Tibetan, search the Tibetan text itself in Unicode Tibetan to find all occurrences. Searching Unicode Tibetan works well in Word. The “search” dialog box will now show the Tibetan when you type it in, but rather will just show boxes. However it will search fine even so. The easiest thing to do is cut and paste the search word into the search box so you are sure its spelled right.

A few exemplary quotes are very important.

Raise questions about the term and its usage, especially in our time period. Don’t just assume the dictionary usage – start afresh.

You should do four such terms.


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Analysis of Pattern of Usage in The Blue Annals

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Citations in The Blue Annals

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Example: Term Dictionary Analyses