Thematic Markup Of Blue Annals Chapter In Tibetan

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Thematic Markup Of Blue Annals Chapter In Tibetan from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

This assignment involves using Microsoft Word to markup a Blue Annals chapter in its original Tibetan.

1. You should review the chapter for basic structural divisions that are erroneous.

2. Apply Word structural styles.

3. Apple Word thematic styles.

4. (JV added this 2/23/07 -- confirm with Germano.) Hit return before and after attributed speech so that you can apply both paragraph-level speech markup to the quote as a whole and character-level markup to the contents of the quote (e.g. for place names or people mentioned in the quote). If you don't put carriage returns before and after, the whole chapter may inadvertently get marked up as speech, or it will refuse to change from Paragraph,pr. All of this is hinted here: Guidelines for Using Tibetan Styles in Word but is not explicit.

Throughout, use the English translation to help you quickly do this work.

In writing these assignments, follow the following general guidelines:

Issues to be resolved

  • It would be helpful to have a THDL style for doctrinal categories. It is awkward to mark religious practices, texts, groups of texts, doxographies, etc., and yet not have mark up style for terms such as བྱང་ཆུབ་སེམས་དཔའི་ས་.
  • In addition to speech, it might be helpful to have an "attributed thought" style for situations where an individual thinks something that would otherwise get marked up as speech in the English translation.
  • Should mythological/celestial places be marked up as "Name place"?
  • Should religious or political titles be marked up?

Examples: Blue Annals Chapters in Tibetan