Errata For Tibetan! 5.1

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Errata for Tibetan! 5.1 for Word Documentation

Contributor(s): THL Staff.

This document contains some known errors in the documentation for Tibetan! 5.1 for Word circa August 2001. These errata apply mainly to the appendix dealing with the Tibetan Machine Web (TMW) font.

  • TibetanMachineSkt4.102 (TibetanMachineWeb8.102) has Unicode correspondence U+0F37 listed; in fact, it is U+0F35.
  • TibetanMachineSkt4.103 (TibetanMachineWeb8.103) has Unicode correspondence U+0F35 listed; in fact, it is U+0F38.
  • TibetanMachineWeb.94 has Unicode correspondence U+0F48 listed; in fact, it is U+0F49.
  • TibetanMachineWeb.63 has Unicode correspondence U+0F6A listed; in fact, it is U+0F68.
  • TibetanMachineWeb4.97 has Unicode correspondence U+0F4D listed; in fact, it is U+0F52.
  • TibetanMachineWeb9.109 has Unicode correspondence U+0FB6 listed; in fact, it is U+0FB7.
  • This turns out to be an error in the errata; i.e., the original document is correct: TibetanMachineWeb7.95/TibetanMachine.242 has Unicode correspondence U+0F82 listed; there is no Unicode corresponding to this glyph.
  • TibetanMachineWeb8.89/TibetanMachineSkt4.91 in fact has Unicode correspondence U+0F82, which is not listed.
  • TibetanMachineWeb4.86 has ddhrva listed, but it's ddhva (d+d+h+wazur).
  • TibetanMachineWeb8.52 through TibetanMachineWeb8.86, inclusive, do not map to TibetanMachineSkt4.50 through TibetanMachineSkt4.84, inclusive; TibetanMachineWeb8.53 through TibetanMachineWeb8.87 map to TibetanMachineSkt4.50 through TibetanMachineSkt4.84.
  • TibetanMachineSkt2.128 maps to TibetanMachineWeb5.38, not TibetanMachineWeb5.39; TibetanMachineSkt2.253 maps to TibetanMachineWeb5.39, not TibetanMachineWeb5.38.
  • The vowel glyphs listed for TibetanMachineWeb9.58 and TibetanMachineWeb9.59 are not all correct. The maintainers of Jskad have made certain guesses as to the correct values, but no definitive correction is yet available.
  • The glyph on page 136 by TibetanMachineWeb9.69 is incorrect.
  • The 'greng-bu vowel glyphs listed for TibetanMachineWeb2.112 through TibetanMachineWeb2.126, inclusive, and TibetanMachineWeb3.33 through TibetanMachineWeb3.44, inclusive, are incorrect. These should be [0, 124], not [0, 125].
  • The 'greng-bu vowel glyphs listed for TibetanMachineWeb4.57, TibetanMachineWeb4.58, and TibetanMachineWeb4.59 are incorrect. These should be [0, 123], not [0, 125].
  • The 'greng-bu vowel glyphs listed for TibetanMachineWeb6.58, TibetanMachineWeb6.59, and TibetanMachineWeb6.60 are incorrect. These should be [0, 123], not [0, 125].
  • TibetanMachineSkt4.135/TibetanMachineWeb9.40 is yar.tshes.tags, U+0F3E, not mar.tshes.tags, U+0F3F. Similarly, TibetanMachineSkt4.134/TibetanMachineWeb9.39 is mar.tshes.tags, U+0F3F, not yar.tshes.tags, U+0F3E.
  • The glyph on page 104 by TibetanMachineWeb2.39 is incorrect.

If your copy of the documentation is newer than August 2001, then it may have the above corrections woven in.