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Software Program Support for Tibetan Unicode in Linux

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To read about using Tibetan Unicode in Linux in general, see Using Tibetan in Linux. The current page offers details on how well Tibetan Unicode is supported in various Linux software applications. Click on the software name for more detailed information and instructions. We welcome additional information about these applications, including descriptions of applications not yet included here. Consult our Template for Describing Tibetan Unicode in an Application, and email to us at <a class="safe-contact" href="javascript:linkTo_UnCryptMailto('nbjmup;uimAdpmmbc/jud/wjshjojb/fev');"><img src="/global/images/contact/contact-thl.gif" /></a>.

Software Name/Description/LinksFunctionLevel of SupportVersion(s)Availability/LicenseSource code
LaTeXtype setting for scientistsLevel of SupportVersion(s)Availability/LicenseSource code
OpenOffice Writerword processingfullOpenOffice 2.xexternal link: freeopen
OpenOffice CalcspreadsheetfullOpenOffice 2.xexternal link: freeopen
OpenOffice ImpresspresentationfullOpenOffice 2.xexternal link: freeopen

Variables for completion of the above table:

  1. Functions: HTML editor, image editing, image management, presentation, spreadsheets, word processing, XML Editor, multiple.
  2. Levels of support: none, partial, full.
  3. Availability/License: commercial, free, shareware.
  4. Source code: unavailable, open, not relevant.

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