Tibetan Character Encoding Proposals

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Tibetan Character Encoding Proposals

Contributor(s): Christopher Fynn

A list of ISO 10646 JTC1/SC2/WG2 character encoding proposals related to the Tibetan script.

Most recent proposal first.

NumberDateTitleSource or Author
external link: N3569 2009-01-24Proposal to encode two Tibetan annotation marksAndrew West & Chris Fynn
external link: N3568 2009-01-24Proposal to encode four Tibetan-Sanskrit letters used in Kalacakra textsAndrew West & Chris Fynn
external link: N3268 2007-05-09Proposal to encode four religious characters in the Tibetan block of the UCS (Proposal for enconding four g.yung drung symbols.)M. Everson, C. Fynn, P. Sharf, A. West
N32532007-07-26Unconfirmed minutes of WG 2 meeting 50, Germany. 8.21 3 Additional Tibetan characters discussion of N3240 & N3247Ngodrop (China), Andrew West (UK), Ken Whistler (US)
N32__2007-04-22A response to N3240 (dated 2007-04-11), the National Proposal (China) entitled "Proposal on Adding 3 Tibetan Characters and a symbol for ISO/IEC 10646 in BMP"Robert Chilton, (ACIP)
external link: N3247 2007-04-20(L2/07 114) Comments on proposal N3240.Chris Fynn
external link: N3240 2007-04-11Proposal on Adding 3 Tibetan Characters and a symbol for ISO/IEC 10646 in BMPChina National Body - (Ngodrup Ouzhu)
external link: N3235 2007-04-13Proposal to encode characters for Vedic Sanskrit in the BMP of the UCS. (proposal includes a number of swastika or g.yung drung symbol characters in the Tibetan Block)M. Everson & P. Scharf (editors)
external link: N3065 2006-03-27Additions to AMD 3 — Tibetan, Mongolian, Myanmar, and LaoUK National Body– Andrew West
external link: N3033 2006-01-30Proposal to encode two archaic Tibetan punctuation marksAndrew West
external link: N3032 2006-01-30Proposal to encode one Tibetan punctuation markAndrew West
external link: N3012 2005-10-24Proposal to encode three archaic Tibetan charactersAndrew West
external link: N3011 2006-01-30Proposal to encode one Tibetan astrological character - revisedAndrew West
external link: N3010 2005-10-25Comments on Michael Everson's proposal to encode four additional Tibetan characters for Balti (N2985). Also see:external link: Tibetan Extensions 2 : Balti Andrew West
external link: N2985 2005-09-05Proposal to add four Tibetan characters for Balti to the BMP of the UCSMichael Everson -
external link: L2/04-007  Proposal for two Bhutanese MarksM. Everson, C.
external link: N2716 2004-03-09Indic scripts collation grouping; CTT suggestion. (includes Tibetan)Kent Karlsson
external link: N2694 2003-12-30Proposal to encode two Bhutanese marks for Dzongkha in the UCSM. Everson, C. Fynn
external link: N26742003-10-20China: Statement to Tibetan brDa-rten ad-hocChina
external link: N2654 2003-10-23Resolutions of WG2 Meeting 44 (Resolution M44.20 Tibetan BrdaTen, p.10)WG2
external link: N2668 2003-10-20Comments on N2661, Clarification and Explanation on Tibetan BrdaRten ProposalUTC/L2 prepared by P. Constable, Microsoft
external link: N2661 2003-10-17Clarification and Explanation on Tibetan BrdaRten ProposalChina
external link: N2638 2003-10-1Comments on N2621, Proposal to Encode Tibetan BrdaRten Characters. (Background: Prior critique of the case for encoding Tibetan pre-composed forms)UTC
external link: N2637 2003-09-30Comments on the difficulty of implementing “dynamically combining” model used in the encoding of Tibetan in the UCS - as raised in N2621Chris Fynn
external link: N2635 2003-09-30Comments on N2621:Robert Chilton, ACIP
external link: N2625 2003-09-25Comments on proposal N2621 Tibetan encoding additions)Steve Hartwell
external link: N2624 2003-09-24Comments on N2621Andrew C. West – individual contribution
external link: N2621 2003-09-18Revised Proposal on Tibetan BrdaRten Character Encoding for ISO/IEC 10646China
external link: N2558 2002-12-06Proposal on Tibetan BrdaRten Characters Encoding for 10646 - BMPChina
external link: n/a 2000-08-19Tibetan and Bhutanese Marks & Signs for Inclusion Into Tibetan Unicode 3.0 Note: never formally submitted as a proposal.Tony Duff
external link: N2130 1999-10-01Text for FDAM Ballot : ISO 10646 Amendment 31: Tibetan Extension. Also see: FDAM31B. Patterson
external link: N2129 1999-09-20Disposition of Comments Report on FPDAM 31 Tibetan Ext.SC2 N3368
external link: N1976 1999-02-12Summary of Voting on PDAM 31SC2 N3254
N1965R1999Disposition of Comments - on pDAM 31 Tibetan ExtensionWG2
external link: N1977 1999-01-27Chinese comments on ISO/IEC 10646-1/PDAM 31: Tibetan ExtensionChina
external link: N1998 1998-12-30Minutes of WG 2 meeting 35 (London)WG2
external link: N1922 1998-10-28Amendment 31: Tibetan Extension to ISO/IEC 10646-1SC2 N3222
external link: SC2 N3211 1998-10-28Subdivision Proposal for Amendment 31: Tibetan Extension to ISO/IEC 10646-1SC2 N3221
external link: SC2 N3212 1998-10-28Combined PDAM registration and consideration ballot on WD for ISO/IEC 10646-1/Amd. 31, Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) — Part 1: Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane — AMENDMENT 31: Tibetan Extension 
N1904 r1998-09-25Resolutions of WG 2 meeting 35: RESOLUTION M35.18 (PDAM on Tibetan Extension)WG2 (unanimous)
N18801998-09-23Clarifications and corrections in response to the concerns of China expressed in their submission: WG2 N1864WG2 35 ad hoc / C. Fynn
N18641998-09-17Comments on N 1756 - Tibetan ExtensionsChina
external link: N1756 1998-05-27Proposal for Tibetan Extensions to the UCST. Duff, M. Everson, C. Fynn,.et al
N17391998-05-06Defect Report on AMD6 - TibetanB. Patterson
external link: N1660 1997-12-08Proposal to encode Tibetan Extensions in ISO/IEC 10646China, Ireland, UK
AMD61997-11-15Information technology - Universal Multiple-Octet Coded Character Set (UCS) -- Part 1: Architecture and Basic Multilingual Plane - AMENDMENT 6: TibetanSC2
N15621997-05-27Draft Disposition of Comments on DAM 6 – TibetanB. Patterson
N15381997-01-29Table of Replies and Feedback on Amendment 6 – TibetanWG2
N15251997-01-01Making Tibetan Script in UCS UsefulM. Everson & H McG Ross
N14181996-07-23Comments by ACIP on Unicode Encoding of TibetanR Chilton, ACIP
N13971996-06-06DAM 6 - Tibetan - Attachment B - Names ListBruce Patterson
N13861996-05-14Disposition of Comments pDAM6 - Tibetan(WG2) Tibetan Ad-Hoc
N13781996-04-23Proposed Disposition of Comments - Tibetan pDAM6China, Ireland, UK
N13741996-04-23Update by SOAS on pDAM6 - Tibetan (prepared by C. Fynn)UK, Chris Fynn
N13141996-01-09Updated Table of replies & national body feedback on pDAM6SC2
N12951995-12-21Table of replies & national body feedback on pDAM6: Tibetan Character Collection (SC2 N2655)SC2
N12921995-12-10Proposal for a Tibetan Extended Character Collection to supplement pDAM6UK
external link: N1263 1995-09-18On the Complexity of Tibetan Character NamesM. Everson
SC2 N26271995-09-08PDAM no. 6 to ISO/IEC 10646-1: Tibetan Character CollectionSC2
N12551995-09-06pDAM6 - Tibetan Character CollectionSC2 N 2627
N12421995-06-27Background information on Tibetan pDAMUnicode
N12431995-06-26Proposal for encoding TibetanChina / Unicode
N12381995-06-24Proposal for encoding Tibetan script on BMPChina
N12271995-06-21Tibetan in 10646Lloyd Anderson
N 11921995-03-28Proposal Summary Form, TibetanChina
N11851995-03-xxProposal for encoding Tibetan scriptChina
N11591995-03-10New consolidated Tibetan ProposalUK & Unicode Consortium
N10951994-09-xxProposal for encoding Tibetan script on BMPChina (Nima)
N9861994-04-xxProposal for Encoding Tibetan Script in the BMPUK
N9641994-01-xxProposal for encoding Tibetan scriptChina
N8511992-07-02Addenda on the Tibetan paper WG2 N 845Lloyd Anderson
N8451992-06-30Tibetan Script in 10646Lloyd Anderson
N8371992-06-26Comments on Tibetan Characters in 10646Lloyd Anderson
N8351992-06-22Proposal of Disposition of U.K. Comments on TibetanKen Whistler
N8261992-06-22Modified Tibetan Code TableChina
N8081992-05-13Comments on Tibetan scriptP. Lofting & H. McG. Ross
N3061988-09Encoding of Tibetan/Bhutanese ScriptP. Lofting

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