Uninstalling Wylieword 2plus

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Uninstalling WylieWord 2+

Though WylieWord is installed like a regular program, it is not removed through the "Add/Remove Programs" option in the Control Panel. Instead, it is removed through a very simple process. The installer places a document template, called "WylieWord document.dot", in two places on your Windows machine. These are:

  1. C:/Documents and Settings/{your windows log-on name}/Application Data/Microsoft/Templates/WylieWord document.dot
  2. C:/Documents and Settings/{your windows log-on name}/Application Data/Microsoft/Word/STARTUP/WylieWord document.dot

The first place is your template folder. Only documents opened with the WylieWord template will have the Tibetan macros associated with them. The second location is the Word startup folder. If WylieWord is located there, it will start every time you start Word.

To uninstall Wylie Word, simply remove the "WylieWord document.dot" template from these two locations.

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