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WylieWord: A Visual-Basic Macro for MS Word

Contributor(s) to this documentation: THL Staff

Latest Version (2.1)


You may get the following error when you install WylieWord 2.1:

Compile Error: The code in this project must be updated for use on 64-bit systems. Please review and update declare statements and then mark them with the PtrSafe attribute.

To fix this:

  1. Close the error box and in the box that remains open, do this:
  2. Find the line that begins with "Declare function"

and insert "PtrSafe" between "Declare" and "function" so it reads
Declare PtrSafe Function

  1. Save the file and close it.
  2. In Word go to File > Open Recent and open the file setup.doc, and WylieWord should work.


Other Resources

Changing default font to TibetanMachineUni


The procedure for changing the default font in Wylie Word on a computer with Word 2007:

  • Open a Wylie Word Document or template.
  • Go to the "Add-Ins" tab
  • Click the "Tibetan" drop down menu
  • Choose Options. (Alternatively, it says you can just press Alt+Ctrl+Shift O)
  • In the "Tibetan Font" field, choose "Tibetan Machine Uni"
  • Press the OK button

Windows 7

  • Exit out of Word if it is running
  • Go to the folder C:/Program Files/Microsoft Office/Office12
  • Right click on the WINWORD.EXE file
  • From the context menu that appears, choose "Run as Administrator"
  • Open a Wylie Word Document or template and follow the steps above.
  • Go to the "Add-Ins" tab
  • Click the "Tibetan" drop down menu
  • Choose Options. (Alternatively, it says you can just press Alt+Ctrl+Shift O)
  • In the "Tibetan Font" field, choose "Tibetan Machine Uni"
  • Press the OK button

Note: if you don't run Word as administrator, when you try to close the options window it will say:
Error #75 writing options file:
Path/File access error

Wylie Word is a Microsoft Word template with a Visual Basic macro that allows one to enter Tibetan script into a Word document using the external link: THL's Extended Wylie Transliteration Scheme (EWTS). The program lets one read, search, create, and edit documents that may contain a mixture of Tibetan script and non-Tibetan text. It also has the capability for entering diacritics. It utilizes the Tibetan fonts, available for download from the THL Fonts page. Wylie Word 2.1 now allows for the entry of Unicode Tibetan through transliterations as well as providing routines for converting between Tibetan Machine Web and Tibetan Machine Uni. To use Wylie Word 2.1, a Unicode Tibetan font, such as Tibetan Machine Uni must be installed on your machine. Versions 1.0 and 2.0 use the legacy Tibetan Machine Web font.

Wylie Word is based on Microsoft Word for Windows. The software requires Word 2000 or later, and Windows 98 or later, to work. It will not work on MacOS, nor in earlier versions of Word for Windows. Installation for Wylie Word 2.0+ is greatly simplified by an automatic installer. Simply double-click on the downloaded file and one will be guided through the installation process. As before, two versions of installation are available. One can either make the template globally available to all Word documents, or it can be set up so that only documents openned by that template will have the Tibetan input functionality. (Note: For Wylie Word to work, the use of macros in Microsoft Word must be enabled. This is done through the Tools menu, choosing Macros, and then the Security option. Of the three levels of security provided, it is recommended that one choose the Medium level, which checks with the user every time a macro is run. Wylie Word will not work in the Highest level of security, where all macros are disabled.)

Originally programmed by Nathaniel Garson (version 1.0), the template was redesigned and significantly enhanced by David Chapman (version 2.0). Version 2.1 adds support for Unicode Tibetan fonts. This version of Wylie Word is now available for external link: download. Some of the improvements and additional features in Wylie Word 2.0 include:

  • Input of Unicode Tibetan (version 2.1 only)
  • Improved ease of transition from Tibetan to Latin font input
  • Use of the mouse no longer interrupts Tibetan input macro
  • Conversion from Tibetan Machine Web font to Extended Wylie Transliteration
  • Ability to Search Tibetan text in the Tibetan Machine Web Font
  • Ability to input Unicode diacritics

Both versions 1.0 and 2.0, as well as the required Tibetan Machine Web font, can be downloaded using the links in the "Use Wylie Word" box on the left. Along with the 2.0 version, one can also download a sample text, the rdo rje tshig bdun, that is an example of how the Tibetan, transliteration, phoneticization, and translation can be interspersed.

Wylie Word 1.0 & 2.x © Copyright 2003-2005, Tibetan and Himalayan Library Programmed by David Chapman & Nathaniel Garson Protected by the terms of the THL Open Community License, Version 1.0.

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library