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Universal Tibetan Font Converter: How to convert legacy Tibetan documents to Tibetan Unicode using Universal Tibetan Font Converter

Contributor(s): THL Staff.

The Universal Tibetan Font Converter was created by Tashi Tsering with funding from the Trace Foundation. The objective of the development is to provide the community a tool for converting files between different Tibetan encoding schemes with different file formats. The converter also can translate Tibetan script with different encodings to variant Wylie transliterations, and vice versa.


Download for local use on your computer at: external link: http://www.yalasoo.com/English/docs/yalasoo_en_utfc.html


The converter covers 17 different Tibetan encoding schemes including 4 Tibetan transliteration schemes (ACIP, ALA-LC, THL Wylie, Wylie), Tibetan Unicode, and other 12 legacy Tibetan fonts including:

  1. Sambhota 1.0 (Sama)
  2. Sambhota 2.0 (Dedris)
  3. Bandrida
  4. Tongyuan
  5. Beida Founder
  6. Huanguang
  7. LTibetan
  8. Jamyang
  9. TCRC Bod-Yig
  10. Tibetan Machine
  11. Tibetan Machine Web
  12. National Standard Extended

The converter also covers four common file formats including txt, Unicode txt, rich text file format (RTF) and HTML web page. You can convert file between arbitrary two encoding schemes from 16 ones mentioned above with certain file formats.

The converter for ACIP transliteration scheme has many bugs and is not recommended. Most, but not all, of the bugs are due to not being able to process Tibetan transliteration of Sanskrit. Use UDP instead.

We have not assessed all of these routines, and welcome user feedback.

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library