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This can be freely downloaded. Go to www.buddism.ru/yagpo, and click on the green button to the left that says "Download Yag po font".




These are in fact three distinct fonts, only one of which is a proper Tibetan Open Type font. Yagpo!_Wylie and YagpoCalligraphyPlain both are OpenType fonts, but are simply set so that the standard latin characters (b, c, d, etc.) are displayed as the corresponding Tibetan glyphs based upon the Wylie transliteration scheme. Technically, they have OpenType substitution tables that convert the latin characters to Tibetan glyphs. Thus they just cover the Latin ("ANSI") code page (Windows-1252). This was done to get Tibetan glyphs to display in software packages that at present, or at the time of the fonts' development, do not support standard Tibetan OpenType fonts (such as Adobe's InDesign). Thus rgya with this font will display as the Tibetan glyph རྒྱ. The third font - Yagpo - is a proper Unicode font in terms of the basic Tibetan glyphs, which appear in the proper slot. The private use area of Unicode is then used to store the precomposed combination glyphs representing actual combination (rgy, etc.).

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