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Contributor(s) to this documentation: Alexander Stroganov.


Last build version you may download from the website here: external link: http://www.buddism.ru/YagpoFont/

Direct Font download link: external link: http://www.buddism.ru/YagpoFont/YagpoFont.zip




Yagpo Tibetan Uni is an open source Tibetan Unicode OpenType font which supports the full 0x0F00 and GB18030 code tables as well as an additional 4400 ligatures. It contains about 11,250 glyphs which include all Tibetan stacked letters found in the texts of the Baikal Lake Enlightenment Stupa Zung Collection, the Kanjur and Tenjur Canons of Tibetan Buddhism, as well as the Open Source Buddhism Library text corpus, ACIP and TBRC.

The Yagpo Tibetan Uni font was designed by the Open Source Buddhism Library project and inspired by Sambhota font designed by Lama Tenzin Namdak and Tony Duff fonts collection.

The font supports both Tibetan Unicode and GB18030 code tables, suitable for PDF composing. If the PDF is opened in Adobe Acrobat, the font allows the user to copy the actual Unicode text from PDF document.

License & Copyright



  • Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOSX,
  • Number of Files: 2 (YagpoSambhotaUni.ttf, YagpoUni.ttf)
  • Number of Glyphs: 11,250
  • Coverage: full 0x0F00 and GB18030 code tables + additional 4000 ligatures
  • Format: OpenType
  • Encoding: Unicode
  • Script: Ucen (dbu can)
  • Styles: Plain
  • Font Editor: FontForge
  • Copyright: For benefit of Buddha Dharma
  • License: GPL+OFL
  • Availability: free download at external link: external link: http://www.buddism.ru/YagpoFont/YagpoFont.zip
  • Designer: Open Source Buddhism Library www.buddism.ru
  • Developer : Open Source Buddhism Library www.buddism.ru
  • Year Created: 2005-2020



Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library