Book Titles Cited In Blue Annals

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Book Titles Cited In Blue Annals

Page references are to the two volume (I, II) blue PRC Chengdu edition.

  1. BA Book Titles ka-kha-ga-nga
  2. BA Book Titles ca-cha-ja-nya
  3. BA Book Titles ta-tha-da-na
  4. BA Book Titles pa-pha-ba-ma
  5. BA Book Titles tsa-tsha-dza-wa
  6. BA Book Titles zha-za-'a-ya
  7. BA Book Titles ra-la-sha-sa-ha-a


The current page provides links to simple tables providing an exhaustive list of book titles in the Blue Annals. Each name is given here with name, reference, and description. WE NEED TO ADD AUTHOR AND COMPOSITION TIME COLUMNS. The description is intended to only be a brief description of the role of the BOOK in the Blue Annals passages.