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Diacritics Input Tools

Contributor(s): Than Grove

While the latest computers can handle the display of Unicode character, inputting characters with diacritics that are not found on the standard American keyboard can be difficult. Over the years, we have tried several methods for inputting the diacritic characters needed in Asian Studies. The following list of diacritic entry methods are for Windows. Each method has different advantages and weaknesses.

Unicode Diacritics Macro for MS Word

This is a template that contains macros which enable certain key combinations to enter diacritics. The mnemonic keystroke combinations generally follow the pattern of Alt plus a prefix key followed by the base letter. These Word macros have all the combinations listed in the external link: THL diacritic chart, but they only works within Microsoft Word on Windows.

Unicode Diacritics Macro for OpenOffice

This is a set of macros for entering Unicode diacritics into word-processing document in Open Office. It is very similar to the Word macros above, using the same keystroke combinations. However, one cannot enter the full list of diacritics as in the Word macro.

Unicode Diacritics System Keyboard

This is a system keyboard and registry files to assign it to the Icelandic language slot. By switching to the Icelandic language using the language tab, one can enter diacritics in any Unicode-enabled program through a series of keystroke combinations. The prefix for most diacritics begins with Ctrl+Alt in this system. This only works in Windows systems and does not appear to work in 64-bit systems.

Wylie Word

This is also a template with macros. It enables one to enter both Tibetan and diacritics into a Word document. It works only within certain versions of Word and Windows.

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