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A digital library provides integrated software systems, tools, fonts and documentation to enable users to work with the collections with search and access procedures considerably more powerful than the traditional library. It goes far beyond the limited traditional tools of a library in enabling of users to creatively interact with the digital collections and reference materials, as well as generate new user-defined collections for their own private purposes. The THL Toolbox presents the tools as well as extensive documentation for their use and development. Read more about our policy of Collaborative Documentation which invites input from all THL users - contact us at thdl (then add the at sign, then virginia.edu to get email address) to send contributions, or offer to participate more systematically. For THL staff and participants, please see the Private Area of the THL Toolbox, which gives access to internal information only, such as passwords, etc. Read more …

Audio-VideoDocumentation for the A-V Collection.
Community & CommunicationManual for making participant entries, submitting NGO reports, & other community-related issues; this also includes communication processes like mailing list, blogging, instant messaging, etc.
Developers’ ZoneThis is for technologists only and includes technical information on THL technical work.
EquipmentGuidelines for various equipment, software, furnishings and other items necessary in THL work.
EssaysGuidelines and other resources for submitting essays.
Fieldwork & Participatory ApproachesIssues pertaining to creating content while actually visiting a place/community, whether as a researcher, or as a facilitator helping a community do participatory research on themselves.
Fonts & Related issuesFonts, conversion, keyboards, etc.
General PrinciplesSearching vs. browsing, ontologies and topic/knowledge maps, identifiers, metadata, thematic classifications, how to begin a project,
Licenses, Credit & ReviewInformation on licenses and copyright, credit for contributors, and THL’s policies on peer review.
Miscellaneous Technical ProcessesThe place for everything that doesn’t fit in the other categories.
Offline THLInformation and resources for using THL offline in computers, iPods, DVDs, and other formats.
Instructional ResourcesGuidelines for creating language instructional materials, etc.
Photography and Immersive TechnologiesDocumentation of photography and the processing of images, as well as technologies for creating 3D environments and panoramic images.
Places & GeographyPlace documentation, GIS, Gazetteer, Tourism, etc.
Preparing Your Computer for THL UseDetails on preparing your computer so you can take full advantage of THL’s resources such as viewing Tibetan, getting interactive maps, etc.
Presentations & TrainingResources for making presentations or offering training on THL or other such digital processes and resources.
ReferenceBibliography, dictionary, encyclopedia, timelines, etc.
Scanning & OCRImages, texts, journals, etc.
THL Research LabA guide to essential tools for scholars and others using THL’s publishing facilities or contributing to THL’s collaborative repositories.
THL Technologies & Open StandardsBeginner-oriented and technical-oriented survey of THL technologies, including glossary, THL software, and overview of THL Publishing and Editing systems, as well as various international standards to which THL adheres.
Tibetan Scripts, Fonts & Related IssuesTibetan Fonts, conversion, keyboards, transcription, etc.
Tibetan TextsCataloging, Input, Markup, etc.
Tips on Software & Operating SystemsTips for using various operating systems like Windows and Mac, as well as commercial and open source software packages. For THL software, please see THL Technologies.
Who to Contact in THLList of who to contact in THL for followup on various issues.
Workflow IssuesTools and procedures for dealing with administration and workflow management - Subversion, Sakai, etc., as well as guidelines for creating documentation in the Toolbox.

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