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Nightly Builds

Contributor(s): THL Staff

Here you'll find last night's latest and greatest builds of the THL tools. You may find new features and bug fixes, but you may find new bugs too.

End users will be interested in the following

Today's Java Web Start binaries (contains converters), signed with a throwaway key, so you have to trust that the server hasn't been compromised and click through the warnings: external link: Jskad jnlp

Self-contained JARs that are not signed:

Plain Jane, bare-minimum JARs that are not signed:

Developers will be interested in the following

Today's source distribution (for all the tools combined)

Today's Javadocs

See external link: for results of the nightly JUnit tests. Note that errors on DuffPaneTest are quite normal; this test runs only when an X11 display can be opened, and I'm too lazy to run the tests with a framebuffer X display. Run 'ant clean check' manually and this test should pass with flying colors.

If the builds failed last night, then you're actually looking at builds that are a little bit older. The actual date these builds were done (from clean repository sources) can be found here.

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