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Scanning Equipment

Contributor(s): Jama Courtney

Note: This information is dated July 2007, and will be good for about a year, year and a half.

For a dedicated 35mm negatives (standard sized and not over-sized), I would recommend the Nikon SuperCoolScan5000 ED external link: $979.00

A less expensive alternative is the Nikon Coolscan V ED (not as high a quality in that it doesn't capture as well the subtleties in very dark shades) external link: $549.00

Another alternative is to get a flatbed that does negatives such as the Epson 700 or the Microtek i900. I have no personal experience with either of the two listed below.

I just purchased an Epson Perfection V700. external link: $519.00

I intend to use it predominantly for prints and occasionally for negatives. I rarely do medical imaging anymore (where I would want/need the Nikon. Also when I do these types of slides, oftentimes, they are odd-sized.)

I SERIOUSLY looked at the Microtek i900. $469 I had a Microtek scanner a few years ago, and I really liked the interface, the quality, and they usually run a little less than Epson. Also, the longer "legal sized" bed is nice. I purchased the Epson out of habit.

Note that The Coolscans are dedicated film scanners and do not scan prints. The Epson and the Microtek do both film and prints.

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