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The THL Tibetan & Himalayan Place Dictionary

Contributor(s): David Germano.


The basis of all place documentation in THL is the Place Dictionary, which is an index of place names recording all their variant forms, latitude/longitude (GIS information), relationship to other places (such as location within a given township and so forth), and a short summary paragraph description. The Place Dictionary has an online editorial interface, though it is possible to work off line in various formats and then import the data.

THL Place Encyclopedia Extensions - Templates and Instructions for In-Depth Descriptions of Specific Types of Features: The THL Place Dictionary provides a way to describe places in Tibet and the Himalayas in a general way according to characteristics common to all types of geographic features - mountains, polities, cities, temples, cultural regions, and so forth. The THL Place Encyclopedia then provides structured ways to describe specific types of features - a monastery, a polity, etc. - in more specific and in-depth manners tailor made for that kind of feature. For details, consult the following sections. Each provides guidelines for how to proceed with a structured description of the feature in question. Ultimately, the technology for this will be integrated into the Place Dictionary infrastructure.

In the future, we hope to provide:

  • Neighborhoods in a City
  • Administrative Regions
  • Tourism Destinations.

Outdated Documentation

We are currently in the process of transferring to a new system to an old system, and the process of transition is not complete. While this process is underway, we are preserving the older documentation for reference purposes. The Place Dictionary was formerly referred to as the "Gazetteer", which is why that term is used below. This includes various input methods that are not currently being used, but which have yet to be replaced. Please note that the Filemaker Pro datebases for data entry are provided in two forms. The "dependent" form requires Filemaker Pro to be owned and used; in addition, if you need to make changes to the database, you must download the "dependent" form and apply changes to it. The "stand-alone" forms can be used by any user for free and do not require the purchase of FileMaker Pro. However, you cannot change the database structure at all, though you can add data to the extant structure. The creation of such "stand-alone" Filemaker Pro databases can only be done by the more expensive versions of Filemaker Pro, not the standard versions.

  1. Gazetteer User Guide
  2. Gazetteer DTD Decoded for Dummies
  3. Gazetteer FileMaker Editorial Manual (updated June 21, 2004)
  4. external link: MS Word gazetteer input system
  5. external link: Windows Filemaker-dependent gazetteer input system if you have FileMaker Pro 5 Windows; .zip file (428Kb), updated March 5, 2004; The main file is called "GazEntryForm.fp5".
  6. external link: Mac Filemaker-dependent gazetteer input system if you have FileMaker Pro 5 Mac; .sit file (350Kb), updated March 5, 2004.
  7. external link: Windows Filemaker stand-alone gazetteer input system if you don't have FileMaker Pro 5; .zip file (2.7Mb), updated March 12, 2004 - you will need to unzip the file and then run "Gazetteer-Entry.EXE".
  8. external link: Mac Filemaker stand-alone gazetteer input system if you don't have FileMaker Pro 5; .sit file (2Mb), updated March 5, 2004.
  9. This Standalone - FileMaker Pro development form is not for public use external link:

Provided for unrestricted use by the external link: Tibetan and Himalayan Library