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Discussion Forums on Tibet and the Himalayas

Discussion forums are online discussion sites where members create topics for discussion ("threads"), under which other members can then post messages and thereby have a dynamic discussion on that topic. In contrast to mailing lists, you have to go to the web site to participate, rather than having content delivered through email. In contrast to chat rooms or instant messaging, the discussion is not done in real-time, but rather members post and view messages according to their own schedule. Forums are great tools for creating community, as well as enabling a community to discuss issues of interest. For further information about discussion forums in general and how to use them, please see THL Toolbox > Discussion Forums.

We are working on a full list of discussion forums with a Tibetan/Himalayan focus - just contact us and we will list any new ones here with a short description. We just need the name, URL, language, and a one line to one paragraph description of its content and significance.

THL Discussion Forums

THL at present uses online worksites called “Collab,” each of which has a standard set of tools, including discussion forums. For example, a worksite might be dedicated to “Tibetan Dictionaries” or “Tibetan GIS,” and thus the discussion forum within it is used for discussions relating to that subject matter. These discussion forums do not have a public dimension, and participants must apply to THL for permission to participate. See THL Collab Worksites for a list of all worksites and contact information if you wish to join.

English Language Discussion Forums on Tibet Consulted by Tibetans

external link: Phayul: this is a popular discussion forum for diaspora Tibetans, especially in India, though the level of discussion can be crude and unmoderated at times.

Tibetan Language Blogs on Tibet Consulted by Tibetans

external link: Tibetan BBS: covers topics Tibetan Culture, News, Tibetan Literature, and Information Technology.

external link: Tibetan Youth BBS: covers Tibetan Culture, News, Tibetan Literature, Religion, Art, School Life, and Ethnic Issues.

Chinese Language Blogs on Tibet Consulted by Tibetans

external link: Tibetan Culture BBS: covers topics on Tibetan Culture, News, Tibetan Literature, Religion, Society, Charity issues, Books and Music, Tourism, Business and Art.

external link: Tibet Information Center BBS: based on Tibetan Information Center Portal, an official web portal sponsored by the Department of United Front.

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