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Tibetan and Himalayan Mailing Lists

Contributor(s): David Germano

About Mailing Lists

A mailing list is simply a list of email addresses which sends an email to the accounts of all individuals subscribed to that list. They are used by organizations to send out periodic updates on their activities. Sending email to a mailing list can be restricted by the list owner, or it can be open to all participants in the list. The latter makes a mailing list an excellent forum for discussion and collaboration. Either way, the main feature of mailing lists is that all notices come directly to your email inbox, rather than you having to go to a specific URL to see the content. An additional feature of mailing lists is that they archive all mail sent to the list, and this archive is accessible to all list members. For further information on mailings lists in general and how to use them, see Mailing Lists Help.

We are working on a full list of mailing lists with a Tibetan/Himalayan focus – just contact us and we will list any new ones here with a short description. Send us the following information about the mailing list: name, URL, language, and a brief description of its content and significance (from one line to one paragraph).

THL Mailing Lists

THL has a variety of mailing lists, all of which are part of its online Collab worksites. THL uses online worksites called “Collab,” each of which has a standard set of tools, including mailing lists. Thus a worksite might be dedicated to “Tibetan Dictionaries” or “Tibetan GIS,” and thus the mailing list within it is used for discussions relating to that subject matter. The actual address is only available after one has logged in, which makes attack by spammers much more difficult. See THL Collaboration Worksites for the full list of sites to which you can subscribe. Please take particular note of the external link: THL Updates Mailing List, which is the best way to get regular updates on developments in THL.

Other Mailing Lists Relating to Tibet and the Himalayas

external link: AAS Tibet : a list for academics in Tibetan Studies to have exchanges about the academic study and teaching of Tibet. The direct link for subscription is external link: here .

external link: Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies: this list-serve has two purposes: 1) to enable the Association to rapidly disseminate news, information, and Association business to the membership, and 2) to provide a forum for members to post requests, inquiries, and information pertaining to research and teaching about Nepal and the Himalaya to the Association at large. To subscribe to the list-serve, send an email to

IATS Forum: a closed list restricted to members of the International Association of Tibetan Studies, the premier academic organization for Tibetan studies; English.

external link: Tibetan-English Electronic Dictionary User Group : a list for people involved in dictionary making for Tibet; English. The participation seems to be mostly people in the translator community, rather than driven by academic scholars.

external link: Tibetan-Studies-L: this Australian National University-hosted mailing list is a general purpose list that tends to cater to academically oriented announcements and inquiries, and is driven by subscriber postings; English. To subscribe, send email to: with the message: subscribe Tibetan-Studies-L <your email address>.

Tibex: a list intended for specialists with advanced knowledge of Tibetan scripts and character encoding issues to discuss issues relating to Tibetan Unicode; English. To subscribe, send mail to and put “subscribe tibex” in the subject line.

external link: TIN News update: this Tibet Info Network-hosted mailing list disseminates periodic reports on political issues; English. See the web site for subscription information - click on “subscribe free” in the lower center of the page.

external link: World Tibet Network News: this Canada Tibet Committee-hosted mailing list collates on a daily basis English-language news items from across the world on any topic concerning Tibet; English. To subscribe, go to the web site and in the upper right hand corner you can enter your email address and click “join.” The site also archives news digests.

external link: Zhang Zhung Studies Forum: a list intended for academic specialists interested in Bön and issues pertaining to Zhang Zhung; English. It is hosted by Yahoo and moderated by Henk Blezer. It is not currently heavy volume and postings to tend to be academic in content and focus on scholarly questions.

Organizational Update Lists

external link: Machik: Machik is a nonprofit organization working to develop new opportunities for education, capacity-building, and innovation on the Tibetan plateau; English. They have particularly strong connections in Kham, and are close partners with THL’s work in Tibet.

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