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Carrie Frederick Frost Assignments from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

Note to David

There are a few assignments in here that in theory I'd like to revisit and polish, but I'm short on time these days as you know. As of 4/27/07 everything here is in a form I can live with, even if I don't have the chance to go back and rework.

Week 2, 1/29 Timeline Blue Annals Ch 15

Status of Assignment: Final as of 01/29/07. Imported into the THDL Timeline Database as of 3/14/07.

View here:external link: THDL Timeline Database

Comments:I composed about 40 different event entries.

Week 3, 2/5 Summary of Blue Annals Ch 7

Status of Assignment: Final as of 3/1/07

View here:external link: Summary Blue Annals Chapter 7

Comments: I've refined the Tibetan names as much as is possible for me, using the help of Jskad and other sources. There are still several Tibetan names in the summary that Jskad was not able to process, nor was I able to find elsewhere, so they only exist in wylie (not phonetic).

Week 4, 2/12 Blue Annals Thematic Markup Ch 3

Status of Assignment: Final as of 2/10/07.

View here:Draft of markup emailed to David 2/10/07, per his request. Viewable under resources: external link: BA Ch 3


I found lots of misspellings and other mistakes in English, and this made me painfully aware of how I was not able to notice comparable mistakes in Tibetan. I worked in this project for 12 hours.

Many of the page references, like: {R 138}, were incorrect, and I corrected those.

There were many times I was not sure if some Tibetan words or phrases were texts or a religious practices or a sects, or otherwise, and therefore I was unsure of how to categorize them. I looked in book indexes and online for these terms in order to classify them, which was time consuming and not always successful. I was particularly unclear on things that were presented as teachings or religious practices, or possibly texts, like snying thig.

This chapter need to have phonetic names inserted by someone who knows Tibetan before becoming an official part of THDL.

Week 5, 2/19 Gazetteer Entries (for Blue Annals Ch 4)

Status of Assignment: Final as of 3/1/07

View here:Gansu, Mugulung, Mangkar, Srad

Week 6, 2/26 Background Topical Research : Torma

Status of Assignment: Final as of 4/27/07.

View here:Torma

Comments: I found some references to torma from the Renaissance period and included them in this article, making it more pertinent to our class and time period.

Week 7, 3/12 Place Essay: Mugulung

Status of Assignment: Final as of 3/1/07

View here:Mugulung Place Essay

Week 8, 3/19 Structured Monastery Entries

Status of Assignment: Final as of 3/16/07

View here:Nyétang, Sangpu Néütok, Solnak Thanpöché, Reting

Comments: None.

Week 9, 3/26 Annotated Kadampa Bibliography

Status of Assignment: Final 3/26/07

View here: Kadampa Bibliography

Comments: I refined and added to the bibliography David began for this week. I also consulted Amy Sims Miller, who did her dissertation on Kadampa materials. She led me to a few sources which were not part of this week's original bibliography and she gave me a clearer picture of the current state of scholarship on the Kadmapa tradition.

Week 10, 4/2 Event Analysis

Status of Assignment: Final as of 4/18/07

View here: Event Analysis of the Founding of Solnak Thanpöché Monastery, Event Analysis of the Founding of Sangpu Néütok Monastery, Event Analysis of the Founding of Nyétang Monastery

Comments: I piggybacked on my earlier work on these monasteries to build event analyses for each of them. I made a timeline entry or added to existing timeline entries for each event.

Week 11, 4/9 Biographical Sketch of Major Figure

Status of Assignment: Final as of 4/19/07

View here: Drömton Gyélwe Jungné

Comments: I feel that this, like other assignments of mine, is a good beginning to a comprehensive entry on the subject.

Week 12, 4/15 Text Analysis Of The Kālachakra Tantra

Status of Assignment: Final as of 4/18/07

View here: Text Analysis Of The Kālachakra Tantra

Comments: I based my analysis of the Kālachakra Tantra on the readings for this week plus the discussion in class.

Week 13, 4/23 Organization Essay

Status of Assignment:Final, 4/23/07

View here: Kadampa Organization Essay

Comments: I hope to read this over again for grammatical corrections and refinement, yet it's essentially finished.

Week 14, 4/30 Concept Encyclopedia Analysis

Status of Assignment: Final 4/27/07

View here: Tsampa

Comments: Reading about barley made me thirsty for chang.