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Srad is the traditional place name of a valley in Tsang (gstang), Tibet.

Srad in the Blue Annals

Srad is mentioned only twice in the Blue Annals. First in Chapter 4, when kun dga legs pai rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po, son of the Venerable Lady (btsun mo) red mda ma, died at Srad in 1336. {R 214} Both mother and son were descendents of Dorje Rinpoche (rdo rje rin po che), and are listed as part of a Sakya (sa skya) lineage, members of which came from the Khon clan.

Srad is also in Blue Annals Chapter 8, when as a result of auspicious events following By khan pa’s death, the region in which he dies becomes peaceful. Before this fortuitous turn of events, a colloquial expression indicates the poor state of affairs in the region: “whereas formerly people used to say: that rgya mkhar stod (name of a place) could not stand up against the horse men (i.e. robbers) of Srad.” {R 419}

TBRC notes that Srad is the birthplace of Yeshe tse mo (ye shes rtse mo) in 1433, who served as the abbot of Tashi Lhunpo (bkra shis lhun po).

No contemporary references to Srad could be found, and its historical significance is unclear.


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Blue Annals, Chapters 4 and 8