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Chamdo from the Tibetan Renaissance Seminar

Alison Melnick

Chamdo (chab mdo) County (also called Changdu) Latitude: 31.493°, Longitude: 97.532° (from THDL Gazeteer, id #F134) Located in Kham (khams) Eastern Tibet on the Kham-Amdo border. Chamdo county is one of the 13 counties in Chamdo prefecture. Important places of note include the Gelukpa monastery chab mdo byams pa gling (TBRC #G180) which housed the 'phags pa lha and zhi ba lha incarnation lineages; and Karma Monastery (ka rma dgon) (TBRC # G35), founded by the late 12th century Kagyu master Dusum Khyen pa (dus gsum mkhyen pa).

Information from THDL Gazeteer and TBRC