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Week 2, (1/29/2007): Reference Analysis - Blue Annals, Chapter 15

  • View here: Reference Analysis Blue Annals Chapter 15
  • Status: final
  • Comments: The first run through with the first instructions was a disaster. I saw new instructions up (4/25) and dreamed of going back and doing all of this properly, but there simply wasn't time. Dock me as appropriate.

Week 3, (2/5/2007): Dictionary Term Analysis - bla chen, btsun mo, sprul pa'i sku, ting nge 'dzin

  • View here: bla chen, btsun mo, sprul pa'i sku, ting nge 'dzin
  • Status: final
  • Comments: (These were previously all combined in Dictionary Term Analysis Jed Verity). It was difficult to decide what an appropriate term would be. There were typically either so many instances of the term that it felt too banal (i.e. not technical enough) to analyze, or so few that no such thing as a pattern could be analyzed. Overall, one of the most important issues is that it is difficult to draw the line between how a term is being used in the Blue Annals versus how it is being translated by Roerich. The temptation is to focus on the latter because the analytical process is so clear. The directions for this assignment should perhaps include a clearer directive to look not at the patterns of how it is being translated but at how and why it appears as it does in the Blue Annals independent of translations. Or, better yet, perhaps it should suggest doing both and then comparing each to the other to see how effective, misguiding, inconsistent, etc. the translation is.

Week 4, (2/12/2007): Suspicious Topical Essay - Treasure Revelation

Week 5, (2/19/2007): Thematic Markup of Blue Annals Chapter in English - Chapter 4

Week 6 (2/26/2007): Thematic Markup of Blue Annals Chapter in Tibetan - Chapter 2

Week 7, (3/12/2007) : Background Research - Bon

  • View here: external link: bon background jv new.doc or an older version but with THDL styles: external link: bon background jv.doc
  • Status: final
  • Comments: It wasn't clear how much this should be written as essay vs. reference, so mine's a little of both. As with some of the other more open-ended assignments, it's difficult to know when to stop.

Week 8, (3/19/2007) : Timeline of a Chapter - R:399-449

  • View here: see external link: THDL Timeline Database
  • Status: final
  • Comments: The database was down for at least a couple of days and thus only 1/4 of this assignment was done initially. Later, there was also some kind of issue involving sources and events not being connected. I have since filled in the major dated events of the page range, but when I tried to go back and fill in/enter more of the ambiguous event details, those that required question marks and ranges, I found I was unable to do so without triggering validation errors, and so it must be the case that no one entered any such ambiguous events. I have written Matt and David about this (5/3), but am marking my work final because it meets the standards of all the other instances of this assignment.

Week 9, (3/26/2007) : Biography of Shenchen Luga

Week 10, (4/2/2007): Gazetteer Feature Entry - 'ol mo lung ring, sum pa glang gi gyim shod, khyung lung dngul mkhar

  • View here: 'ol mo lung ring, sum pa glang gi gyim shod, khyung lung dngul mkhar
  • Status: final
  • Comments: The Treasury of Good Sayings generally does not have enough information about a given place, in multiple instances, to permit much analysis. I therefore chose a few places that are present in the Treasury but significant for Bön elsewhere. Given the unavailability of the Gazetteer, I've followed other students' examples and took the basic table from Chris's Gaz wikis and mixed in a little bit of analysis. Sort of a crossbreed between Gaz and Place Analysis, which seemed useful under the otherwise mission-impossible circumstances.

Week 11, (4/9/2007): Summary of a Blue Annals Chapter - 14

  • View here: Summary of Blue Annals Chapter 14
  • Status: final
  • Comments: The vast majority of the existing summary was a restatement of the chapter (often verbatim), with a bit of commentary. I shaved out much of the verbatim text and the schemas of transmission in favor of a highly condensed (by comparison) summary of each section. I also added my own organizational framework and commentary, and polished, rephrased, and/or expanded on existing comments and summaries.

Week 12, (4/16/2007): Interpretive Topical Essay - Bon in the Blue Annals

Week 13, (4/30/2007): Text Analysis - The Treasury of Good Sayings

Week 14, (5/3/2007) : Thematic Bibliography - Bon

  • View here: Bon Bibliography
  • Status: final
  • Comments: Status is final, but there are hundreds, if not thousands, more works that could be added, and annotations to be made. I'll just be adding as I go. Also, the works in Tibetan by Bönpos needs to be recategorized to suit better their contents. Using Bönpo distinctions would perhaps be best, though this will also create some dissonance with the rest of the bibliography, which is oriented around sources as we would use them.